Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

It is called America’s Got Talent. Why do we have a British judge and a German judge? I mean, I love Heidi and Mel B, but it doesn’t make sense to me that they are judging this show. And isn’t Howie Mandel Canadian? He is! WTH? 75% of the judges on an American talent show aren’t even from America. So bizarre. Oh well, you know I am still going to watch!

I am so relieved to not have to take S back to the doctor until he is two! That kid does not like to be there. At all. Poor little dude.

My next-door neighbors are selling their house. Their yard has never been so neat and clean! It is nice, as they previously had a lot of trash and debris in their lawn. Hopefully our new neighbors keep a debris-free lawn 🙂

Stanley Cup time! B is cheering for the Bruins. I really don’t care who wins, but I think we are in for some good hockey!!

Holy crow! I looked out our front window and our street is flooded!! That’s how much it is raining here! A lot! It isn’t flooded in front of our house – yet – but it is about two houses down and probably is flooded in front of five or six properties on either side. That is a lot of water! So far I have called our county water department, who told me to call the town sewer department who told me to call the highway department! I just want to be a good Samaritan and call this in so people don’t get their cars stuck in the water! So far I have only seen one car drive through it and it was a mini van. Everyone else is turning around because it is DEEP! I was asked if it was the sewer backing up or just water waiting to go through or if it was a water main break. I don’t know, people! I am not going out there and poking around in mystery water! Finally the highway department told me they would send someone to look at it. Phew!

I guess now I should at least attempt to organize our desk like B asked me to on Sunday. I just hang on to too much paper. Who many old bills do you really need to keep? My to-file pile is probably three inches high! Ack!!

What’s on your mind today?