Today was S’s appointment for his 18 month check-up. I tried to prepare him by explaining exactly what was going to happen a few times before we got there and while we were there. I also prepared myself for a screaming, fussy baby, and that was what I got!

S was enjoying playing with the one toy in the waiting room when his name was called. He was not happy about being interrupted, so we were off to a bad start.

In the past he has started screaming the minute he sees the scale, and this time was no exception! The nurse wanted to weigh him on the regular scale, but S wanted to just walk off of that, so we had to use the baby scale. Usually they then just lie him down on the scale and mark off his height on the paper and measure it with a ruler, but this time we did that in the examining room instead of on the scale. Either way, he screams, squirms and fights it. I really don’t understand this fear. Fear of the shots at the end, I get that. Fear of being measured? Nope. It was pretty funny because at one point the nurse tried to distract S with a tongue depressor. He just looked at it like “What is this piece of junk?” and tried to hand it back to her. I took it from him so he wouldn’t drop it on the floor and he grabbed it back and tried to give it to the nurse. As if he were saying “No, Mommy, it is hers. She needs to take it back. We don’t want it.” or perhaps “Lady, you forgot the popsicle part of this popsicle stick!”

We calmed down a bit while waiting for the doctor by reading books and looking at the planets that were painted on the wall. S, of course, thought they were balls. When the doctor came in, the screaming started again immediately. He screamed/cried the most pathetic “A ball” I ever did hear, all the while trying to wrestle off my lap and get over the look at the planets again. “A baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll!”

Somehow the doctor examined him, gave him a clean bill of health, and left. Then the nurse had me hold S on my lap and firmly grasp his hands while she gave him his two vaccines. He screamed all the while, but he was pleased about his band-aids. The nurse said we should just give him band aids straight away next time!

S was finally old enough for a sticker at the check out desk, so he was very pleased about that! He tried to get another sticker out of the woman too, greedy little guy! And we don’t have to go back again until he is two! Thank goodness!!!

We came home, played outside, and he took a nap. Phew. What a day!