Imagine a house if you will. This house has four direct neighbors: two next-door neighbors, one across-the-street neighbor and one backyard neighbor. This house is my house.

Next-door neighbor #1: A man and his elderly mother. The mother is the original homeowner since the 1960s! I have never met her, but I have seen her on a few occasions when I am coming or going. The man introduced himself to us moments after the moving truck left. He is a great neighbor, and is always puttering around his hard mowing it or leaf blowing or snow blowing. Or washing his car. The man has one clean car! He often mows the little patch of grass between our sidewalk and the street, and he drags our garbage and recycling bins back up the house most weeks (very rarely do I beat him to it by the time S is down for his nap!) He has also snow-blowed our sidewalk and driveway over the winter a few times. I really appreciated that when B was out of town and we got snow! I owe this man a plate of cookies or something.

Next-door neighbor #2: B met the man once while they were both shoveling this winter. Then a few weeks ago we all met him, his wife and their three daughters. They just listed their house for sale because they have baby #4 (another girl) on the way and simply need more room! B and I are hoping for people around 27-33 years old to move in, and that they have a one year old son for S to play with. Any takers? Please no loud cars or dogs.

Across-the-street neighbor: A family of four that we have never met. They have two girls around middle school age. They have a van. And they have a beast of a pickup truck. Seriously, this thing is a beast! I can hear it coming and going even when I am at the back of my house. Even at 1AM when I am asleep. I hate that truck. So stinkin’ loud!

Backyard neighbor: Never met them. I know they have a pool though because their fence is about to fall down.


There is also a mother who lives in our neighborhood somewhere and we have the same stroller as her. I always see her walking by while I am eating lunch and I want to say “Nice stroller! We should be friends because we have the same taste!” but I am inside and my mouth is full of sandwich.

Do you know your neighbors?