Last night B, S and I were all playing before S went to bed. Lately S has been obsessed with this CBC Kids video where they sing ‘Call Me Stanley”, a parody of “Call Me Maybe” and they do various things with the Stanley Cup. B showed it to him a few days ago, and he asked to see it again and again and again. We loaded the video up last night in an attempt to get S to just calm down after running around, laughing and getting the hiccups. He really needed to just take a minute and relax. I had him on my lap with the iPad and then all of a sudden he grabbed the iPad, slithered off of my lap and was on the floor with B watching the video. He then proceeded to hit the home button, scroll through my apps, select the Elmo’s ABC app and begin playing it. Old hat.

Except B had never seen him do that before. He was amazed at the great skill that S just showed off. B asked how long S has been able to do that. Um, at least two months, probably three. And then I felt bad because what was so amazing to him was just old hat to me, like I said.

This happened the other day too when B asked me how long S has been able to spin in circles. A while. Probably a few weeks.

I should be writing these things down. Or at least remembering them for when B asks “What did you guys do today?”