My birthday is coming up, prompting such questions as “What do you want for your birthday?” or “What do you want to do for your birthday?”, and I am realizing how hard these questions are to answer. I always ask these same questions to other people for their birthdays, and it is kind of annoying when they say “I don’t know.” I mean, aren’t you aware that your birthday is coming up and that people would like to buy a gift for you? You should think of these things ahead of time and have ready answers! But when the tables are turned I find myself saying the same annoying response of “I don’t know.”

I am an adult now, so I pretty much buy only things I need, and I have very few things on my want list. Other adults must be the same way. Perhaps I should stop asking people what they want for their birthdays and just hope to not disappoint them. Or go with the standard gift card or beer/wine and just leave people alone. 🙂 

If you were wondering, the following has pretty much been what I want for my birthday since I was about 16 years old:

Dinner: Wegmans frozen meat lasagna, cooked. Salad. Garlic bread. 

Dessert: White cake with white frosting. 

Next day’s breakfast: White cake with white frosting.

Activity: None.

Repeat: Annually. 

Does that make me a cranky old lady? Probably. Oh well!