Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear Department of Motor Vehicles, Thank you for a relatively painless experience yesterday. I just wish I didn’t look like a doofus in my picture. Oh well.

Dear Spell Check, Doofus is a word. You look like a doofus for not agreeing with me.

Dear Mom, Thanks for always making time to help me out when I really need it. I know you have a lot on your plate, so I really appreciate it!

Dear S, Thank you for taking two naps again these past two days. Let’s do it again today, especially if you opt to wake up at 6:15 again like you have been doing lately.

Dear Garage Sale Lady, You were so snooty! Keep your Melissa and Doug puzzle and think of me and how you wouldn’t haggle down your too-high price when no one else buys it.

Dear B, I promise to try to let you have a relaxing weekend! We did so much last weekend and I know you could really use the down time 🙂

Dear Google Reader, Why don’t you just decide to stick around after all? Please?

Dear eight months ago Me, You should have bought the baby gate with the little door in it. What were you thinking? I am tired of hurdling over gates every time I want to get into the kitchen, and my knee still smarts from banging it into the doorknob on Wednesday :-/