Our local community ed program is offering swim lessons for tots and their parents. Last year S was too little to do summer swimming, and we figured winter swim lessons for a baby were a bad idea, what with having to walk to the car and be all wet in the cold weather. (Listen, I have terrible drying skills. I am usually not dry when I get dressed after a shower. I do a better job drying S off, but it is by no means perfect.)

So, now it is summer again and there are no more excuses. Or are there?

I really want to do this. I do. The following are my concerns:

  1. Will S like it, or will he throw a tantrum? I mean, he doesn’t even have to like it. Just is he going to throw a tantrum? I don’t want to waste $60 if he can’t even make it through one lesson, you know?
  2. Can I handle this alone? The lessons are at a time when B can’t make it. All other local community ed programs are at times when B cannot make it. Let’s think this through…I have to load everything up in the car, including S. I can handle that. Then I have to get S changed in a locker room, or at least peel my clothes off assuming I wear a swimsuit under my clothes and just let S wear his swimsuit there. Then I have to get into a pool without slipping while holding a squirmy toddler. Then I have to reverse it and dry off while containing a wet, squirmy toddler. Or drive home all wet.
  3. I feel like I have more concerns, or that I bunched too many into #2.
  4. I remembered one! S hates having his diaper changed in public. How will he like changing his whole outfit when he is all wet in public, and there is no changing table strap to hold him down? I mean, last time I checked public school locker rooms didn’t have baby changing stations in them. Has the teen birth rate gone up enough to warrant such a thing? Probably not. Plus the lessons are at an elementary school not a high school. I am pretty sure elementary school kids aren’t having babies of their own.

I should probably make up my mind quickly to ensure a spot in the class.

What would you do?