So, our patio has been “done” for about six days now. We were told we could walk on it right away, but that all furniture had to stay off of it for a week. That’s fine, as we don’t really have any patio furniture anyway. We’re looking at something like this from Target, only we’d just buy the table and get different, stackable chairs.

Anyway, I had been putting off taking a picture of the patio because the way things were handled by our contractor left a bad taste in my mouth. Every time I try to describe it to someone, they just say something along the lines of “Yeah, so?” or “That sounds like a contractor.” or “That’s not really that bad.” so I won’t go into it here. I know how I felt and that is all that matters. In short: I wish B had been home to deal with the whole thing, but he was away on a business trip.

As I mentioned previously, the concrete is still drying and I guess it can take up to a year to have its final coloring. Today it is all splotchy, but I took a picture anyhow!

18'x23' concrete patio in 'Pecan'

18’x23′ concrete patio in ‘Pecan’

B wants to buy some brick to line the concrete and make it look fancy. I don’t really care as long as it is done soon. S comes to a complete stop at the edge of the patio, afraid to step over the gap to the grass. Hopefully this weekend!

Different angle

Different angle

So now all we have to do is decide on a patio set, buy it, build it, grill up some hot dogs, and enjoy!

You can see what we had started with here.