Wow! We had a full weekend!

Saturday we had my car’s brakes repaired while we enjoyed a trip to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure. We had fun feeding the animals, and while S didn’t actually feed any animals himself, I noticed him sticking his whole face into his cereal bowl this morning, reminiscent of how the animals ate at this place. Impressionable much? I wish I had snapped a picture, but I am sure he will do it again tomorrow.

We spent the rest of the day puttering around the house, installing the new car seat in my car, and making plans for our patio. Of course I wanted to take the car out for a drive with the new forward facing car seat ASAP! We ran to the hardware store for tomato cages and then drove thru at Mighty Taco to get some dinner. Man, S can really put a bean taco away! He wanted more too! Oh, that kid!

Very interested in his new view

Very interested in his new view

(I must say, I really love this car seat! Last week I called the company of our old car seat and asked which of the many they make would be most similar to what we already had and this was one of the recommendations. The harness works the exact same way as our old one, only it is a bit larger to accommodate a larger kid. Awesome! And it was on sale!)

Sunday we went to the Farmers’ Market, grocery store and Target, with naps and housework in between. In the evening my good friend and her boyfriend came over for dinner and to spend the night on their long drive back home. They had two weddings two weekends in a row, so they were on a bit of a long road trip! It was fun to see them again and fun to play Apples to Apples against them!

Today we can relax a little bit and figure out some fun things to do this week!

Did you have a fun weekend?