Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

I am pretty sure that Dr. Bailly makes the Scripps National Spelling Bee all the more fun to watch. I hope he is the official pronouncer for the Bee for many years to come! I also and reminded every year that he actually won the Bee in 1980. So fun!

I think I want to change the theme/layout or whatever you call it of my blog. I would prefer having the posts all listed on the side rather than the bottom. Why must WordPress be such a pain to customize? Or is it just me being silly and it is actually quite easy to do?

I am SO EXCITED to see my best friend on Sunday! She moved away almost exactly one year ago and I haven’t seen her since!! She and her boyfriend are staying overnight on Sunday so that will be fun times! Maybe we will play Apples to Apples or another fun game because they are game people! Horray!

I love the quote from The Mindy Project “Best friend isn’t a person, Danny. It’s a tier!” So true, yet so misunderstood.

How can people justify piercing a baby’s ears? I mean, really? Aren’t you afraid the baby will fall and rip their earring out, or choke on their earrings, or somehow fall and hurt themselves on the earring? Are girls not as prone to crashing into things as boys? Because if S were a girl and had pierced ears, we would have all sorts of problems with falls, scrapes, rips, etc. Yuck. The thought of an earring related injury gives me the heebie jeebies. It reminds me of a kid I met once who was four years old and had a pierced tongue. FOR SERIOUS, PEOPLE?!?! C’mon! I hold out hope that it was a clip on or magnetic tongue piercing, but I don’t think such products exist.

Our patio will be done today! Finally! Last night I had to deal with the contractor all by myself/with B on the phone. Contractor wanted to redo our walkway along the side of our garage that leads up to our patio, but B wants to leave it. I am up in the air about it, but I am mad about how people always try to get you to give them more money for things. Honestly, you should have looked at my property closer when you gave me the quote. I was kind of hoping B would be home to pay the contractor today, but the job is going to be done around 3PM and B will still be at work. It will be quite hard for me to part with our money, so I was really hoping B would be able to sign for it! It makes me extra nervous because I will pay for it before B even gets to look at it and OK it :-/If B wants to have other people come do work on the house, he needs to be their main contact, not me. My eyes glaze over when they try to explain all the technical stuff to me, and then I have to try to relay it to B? Yeah, right. I know a lot is lost in translation and the whole thing stresses me out!

In other news, I am taking S to a children’s program at the nature center today! I am really looking forward to it!! It will be our first time, so I hope it is fun! Maybe more on that later!