So What Wednesday

I’m linking up with Life after I Dew for So What Wednesdays!

So what if…

  • I am obsessively looking out of the window to see if our concrete dude is back to finish our patio. (He isn’t.)
  • I am excited to watch the American Baking Competition on TV tonight!
  • OMG I just remembered that the Scripps National Spelling Bee is on as I was typing about the Baking Competition!
  • I love watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee and playing along. Now I am hoping I didn’t miss too much of it!
  • I don’t feel like prepping our guest room yet. I still have a few days til it is needed :-p
  • I keep saying that it is time to switch out Little Man’s toys. I have been saying it so long that it is probably time to have brought back out the toys that have been out all along! Ha ha!

What are you saying “So What?!” to today?