Everyone is telling me that it is time to wean, but I really feel like it is my call. I am tired of being judged for doing what is natural and what I feel is right for me and my child. We aren’t going to be still nursing when he goes to Kindergarten, so relax.

That said, I feel like the time to wean is approaching and I have several questions to I need the answer to before we begin.

-What will I do in the middle of the night when S wakes up. Nursing is how I get him to calm down and go back to sleep. What do non-nursers do? How does this work? For real.

-How much whole milk does S need per feeding? I want to stop the daytime nursing sessions first, so for example, what should he get with his lunch?

-Our nighttime session will be the last to go. Will we replace it with milk right before bed, or should his milk be at dinnertime and water before bed? He usually has water at meals now with breast milk right when he wakes up, just before his AM nap, just after lunch, after his PM nap, and right before bed.

-Is he going to start getting sick all of the time once he is off of breast milk? He has been so healthy up til now.

-Am I going to miss it terribly? I feel like the only time S will sit still and cuddle is when he is nursing. Is he going to want to cuddle more when we don’t nurse any longer? Please say yes. It makes me tear up just thinking about not cuddling anymore.

My other concern is that my weight will increase significantly once we stop nursing. I’m not a skinny girl, but who wants to gain more weight?