When we got up this morning one of the first things I did was lean my head out of our bay window to look down the street/check our mail. I knew our Citrus Lane box would be delivered today, but much to my surprise there were three boxes already on our stoop this morning! Horray! I quickly pulled them inside, curious to see what we had.

THREE boxes!

THREE boxes!

The top one is our Citrus Lane box. S was so excited to see it that he practically knocked the baby gate over to get at it. The middle one is my dad’s birthday gift. The big one is a prize I won from a contest on another blog, Coupon Geek, and I was very excited to see it.


My prize

S was very excited to see the box of Cheerios, recognizing it despite its retro packaging. I think he will like eating the Lucky Charms as a treat as well. B & I were most excited about the Vintage Parchessi game. We have six other Vintage games on our shelf, but not Parchessi! We had registered for a few of the Vintage games when we got married almost six years ago and we just love how they look like books on the shelf. I remember playing Parchessi with my mom when I was little, so I look forward to teaching B, and one day playing with S as well. Lastly it came with a $10 Target gift card that I fully intend to save to buy myself something for my upcoming birthday 🙂

Everything else that we received in the mail today was junk mail, so these boxes were definitely a treat!