Oh my goodness did we have a fun weekend! We went for a nice walk through the nature trails at a nearby park and we saw wild turkeys, chipmunks, a raccoon, Canada geese, ducks, bluejays and several other birds. Oh, and squirrels. S loved the turkeys the best. He noticed them before we even pointed them out to him and he happily pointed at them and called out to them. It was cute.

Strutting across the path

Strutting across the path

We were so close!

We were so close!

We also went to a Touch a Truck event with our friends and their little boy. They had full size trucks of all kinds there for kids to climb in, touch and explore. S liked the city bus and the school bus the best, but he also enjoyed the Zamboni, digger, fire trucks, dump trucks and the ice cream truck!

"Riding" the school bus

“Riding” the school bus

I took lots of pictures, but then discovered when we got home that I zoomed in too much on my kid, rather than focusing on the truck and my kid. Oops.


“Driving” the Zamboni

Little Man enjoyed his very first ice cream cone from the ice cream truck.


They also had a station set up to make your very own pinewood derby car. S enjoyed coloring it with markers, and B hammered the nails in to hold the wheels on. They had a track to race them on, and S was so proud of his car that he held on to it all day!


S & B and the racecar!

At home I showed him how the hallway is a great place to “vroom” cars, and we have been playing “vroom” and race ever since!

What did you do this past weekend?