I thought I would try something new and join the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear Concrete Guy, I was really hoping you’d finish our patio this week, and you didn’t even start it yet. Sad face!

Dear Mourning Doves, Stop building nests near my front door. I do not see this ending well for anyone, so please just find another place to build your home and poop over there.

Dear B, Congratulations on your excellent review at work this week! S and I are so proud of you!

Dear S, It would really help Mommy out if you would figure out what sleep schedule you wanted to be on during the day. When you do, I’m sure I’ll be the first to know, but can it please be soon? Also, sorry Daddy and I were talking outside your room late last night and woke you up! Thanks for falling back to sleep relatively quickly though 🙂

Dear Rain, Are you coming, or do I need to go water the garden?

Dear Citrus Lane Box, Please arrive soon! It is so hard to resist looking at spoilers online!