Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-I am very excited today because I am going out to lunch with one of my best friends! Her schedule rarely matches Little Man’s schedule, so this is a real treat! (We have been meaning to do this since December!)

-I emailed my concrete guy to see if they were still coming this week and he confirmed that they are not. Boo! I am not surprised since it was so rainy last week, but I am disappointed. I was really hoping the patio would be done and enjoyable this weekend!

-I think Little Man is transitioning into this one nap a day deal, which totally flips my whole day on its head! Previously the time to do things was right after lunch, and now that is the worst time to do things. And man is he a little cranky pants at nighttime now. I think we need to try to put him to bed earlier, which is tough because we had been letting him slide later and later to have more playtime with B.

-Yesterday I discovered that our street is a quarter mile long, as are the two neighboring streets. This will make it easy to know how far I’ve walked, and that will perhaps motivate me to walk more πŸ™‚

-Other things that will motivate me to walk more include the town fixing the horrible sidewalks on our neighboring streets! Yesterday I noticed that the bad ones were marked up with green spray paint, so hopefully that means they plan to fix them all soon? Please? It stinks having to slow down with the stroller in order to not jar S all over the place!

-I am missing Survivor and Project Runway and the conversations I have about those shows with one of my best friends! Is it time for new seasons yet?

-Speaking of Survivor, the new season “Blood versus Water” sounds like it could be horrible. Or awesome. It could easily go either way. I hope that they have two tribes of ten with family members on opposite tribes and that they don’t tell the contestants that other people have family members playing as well. That would be interesting. And I immediately wonder how the “loved ones” challenge would play out, as that could make it very obvious who the relatives are in the game. I also hope that there is a bonus if you get the the finals with your family member.

-I am not sure how I feel about Cochran taking over the Entertainment Weekly recaps of Big Brother. I liked reading Dalton Ross’s recaps, but I also love Cochran. Hopefully he does a good job!

-Little Man said ‘monkey!’ earlier this week while checking out his new monkey pjs! This made me realize that we don’t have any Curious George books (but we do watch Curious George on TV sometimes). This needed to be corrected! I had a $1 off any children’s book Target coupon and yesterday we bought a Curious George book. It is the one where he goes to the toy store, and I selected it because of the number of pictures of balls and I knew S would love pointing at them and saying “ball ball!”. We read it last night and I was correct! Good purchase!

-My arms are really sore. I think from moving all of those buckets filled with soil around yesterday. They are heavier than they look! Speaking of that, I should probably go water those plants!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!