This year, being the first year in our new house, we decided to just do a container garden. It was too daunting to find space to dig out a garden bed and take care of a toddler at the same time so this seemed like a great solution. I also hate weeding, so hopefully this will be much more manageable than in-ground gardening.

So glamorous

So, we are growing green bell peppers, red bell peppers, strawberries, cherry tomatoes for S & B, and two other types of peppers that B wanted and that I know nothing about except which bucket I planted them in. Ta-da! Planting these was my project over the past two days during Little Man’s naptime. It could have been a one day project, but we grossly underestimated the amount of soil we would need so B had to run out to get more yesterday.

Hopefully we have a nice harvest this year! I was telling one of my friends yesterday that I usually am all gung-ho about my garden each year until about July and then I lose interest. I am hoping that with the upcoming patio redo that we will be outside a lot more often and I will thus remember to water the plants. Next year I am fully counting on Little Man to remind me. Ha ha!