I know I have been talking a lot about my patio, but I am starting to get nervous again! I haven’t heard from our contractor since I mailed our signed contract to him. I had to email him to make sure he received it, and he just emailed back: “Yes.”. That was a few days ago, and we are supposed to have our project started sometime next week. And he had mentioned wanting to stop by to see our yard again last weekend, but he never made arrangements to do that. It has been raining for the past few days, so I imagine that has put them behind schedule. Ack! I need information! I am not a spontaneous person! I also feel like I should probably be home the entire time there are strangers in my back yard, so I want to prepare for that and know which days I need to be home next week so I can take full advantage of the days that I don’t need to be home all day.

I also need to buy a patio set. Any suggestions? It should seat 6, have room for an umbrella (or better yet, come with an umbrella) and be easy enough to feed a toddler at.