Yesterday our Little Man turned 17 months old. Naturally, I am thinking ahead to next month when he will be a year and a half old!

Little Man is a December baby. Born a bit before Christmas, he is bound to be spoiled in the month of December. And then not again until the following December. B and I call the summer Little Man’s “gift drought”. A lot of people tell us to just celebrate his half birthday as well, but I worry about future children who might not have a gift drought, and then setting ourselves up for this half birthday thing with all of them. But then we might not have more kids, so is it fair to base parenting decisions for Little Man on hypotheticals? Probably not.

I never celebrated my half birthday. I am a June baby. Christmastime was my half birthday. No gift drought here :-p

I feel like my main concern is when do you gift a child a bicycle when their birthday is in December and you live where it snows. I guess I have a few years to figure that one out.

I feel like half birthdays would spoil a child, but I also know people who love them.

What do you think? Talk about a first world problem, right?