Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

-Look! I finally got the Thursday Thoughts image to work! Huzzah!

-It is raining today. My first thought was “Horray! We won’t have to listen to any neighbors mow their lawns today!” Is that terrible? My one neighbor mows his lawn and uses his leaf blower to remove the clippings for two hours every other day.

-Little Man is 17 months old today! Where does the time go? He’s getting so big! We’ll have to remember to take a picture tonight.

-I cannot believe that there is only one episode of Survivor left! I am still cheering for Cochran! The finale is on Mother’s Day, so B said I could watch it if I wanted to. I always say I won’t watch the whole thing at once, because two hours of show, and then one hour of reunion is A LOT to watch. But I always end up watching it all at once anyhow. We’ll see.

-Little Man is still sleeping and it is past 10 AM now. This is the latest I think he has even slept in. I wonder if he is still recovering from the weekend? But it is Thursday, so probably not. He has been sleeping in every day this week though, so we must be wearing him out during the day. Poor little guy!

-Little Man and I made a Mother’s Day art project for the Grandmas yesterday. It turned out pretty cute, I think! I hope they like it 🙂 Little Man really seems to like using his finger paints. I am going to try to get them out once a week I think. It is an easy enough clean up, so why not?

-One of my best friends played at Carnegie Hall last night! And our local radio station picked it up so I could listen from home! It was awesome! I always thought that someday I would be at home listening to the radio and hear her playing in some great orchestra at some great concert hall. And now it has happened! I am so happy for her and so proud! I wish I could have been there in person!

Well, I hear Little Man babbling to himself now, so I know he is up! Time to go get him 🙂