Yesterday it was really nice outside, and the weather people were claiming that it was the last sunny day we’d have all week, so I knew we had to spend some time outside. Except playing in the front yard is dangerous, as Little Man likes to try to run into the street, and in the backyard we have our splintery deck that he likes to climb on.

I decided to brave the backyard anyway, and let him play with some water. I have been wanting a water sensory table for him, but this was a good way to make sure he’d actually, you know, enjoy using one. So, I filled a bucket with water (he was afraid of the hose at first, oops) and then set it down on the concrete for him to splash around in with a washed out iced tea bottle. He LOVED it!




Our patio is scheduled to be started/completed next week provided that the weather cooperates. Keep your fingers crossed for us! Once the patio is done, I am imagining that we will be having all sorts of fun times outside, including inviting friends over and hopefully playing with a water sensory table!