I cannot believe that it is Thursday already. Time to link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts!

-I’ll say it: Survivor was crazy last night! Not as crazy as the past two weeks, but still exciting. With Malcolm being voted off last week I can focus all of my cheering for Cochran now. I don’t think I will be okay with anyone except Cochran winning. I have been cheering for him (and Malcolm) since the beginning and he really seems to be playing the game while everyone else that is left is just kind of there.

-My aunt is coming to town today! We haven’t seen her since September so it will be nice to catch up over the next few days.

-I really need to get to work on cleaning out the basement so some of our garage junk can move down there. I want to have a nice spot in the garage for putting shoes on/taking shoes off and for storing outside toys. I really want this to be in place by the time our new patio is done, which will be the weekend after Mother’s Day if all goes according to plan.

-I am also nervous that I am going to hate our new patio. But our deck needs to go. It is an eyesore with cracking boards, raised nails, pieces missing in the railings. It is not safe for Little Man, and of course he loves to climb on it when we are playing in the backyard.

-I need to buy a patio set as well. The debate is if we should get a round table that seats four, or a rectangular table that seats six. We are a family of three, but I think the bigger table is going to be the way to go. What if we have guests?

-I am nervous about this weekend because we are taking Little Man to a funeral mass for my great aunt who passed away about six weeks ago. I am hoping that he can sit still, or at least be quiet. We have never taken him anywhere where he needed to be quiet and calm before. He likes to run around freely, babbling to himself all the while. Maybe I will check our stash of new toys and see if we have any quiet ones that will hold his interest. At least my parents and aunt will be there too, to help with some of the wrangling perhaps. Am I over-thinking this?

-The Project Runway Season 11 reunion show is on tonight. I am thinking it is just going to be a giant insult fest, which is not the kind of reality TV I like to watch. I prefer it when people make their insults in their confessional interviews, not face-to-face. I will probably watch anyway.

What’s on your mind today?