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Today I am joining the Friday’s Letters link up with The Sweet Season!

Dear B, I am so glad you are home! We missed you while you were on your business trip!! Thanks for working hard for us 🙂

Dear S, What is it about the top of my feet that make you really want to step on them? It really hurts, and I would appreciate it if you would stop. But I know you won’t, as you have been doing it for months and seem to love it. Just say ‘up!’ please! I promise I will pick you up ASAP! But you know you’ll continue to get away with this because you are so stinkin’ cute!

Dear rain and thunderstorms, Please go somewhere else this weekend!

Dear Self, Why don’t you go to sleep at a decent hour today? That would be a good idea.

Dear Tim Hortons Iced Capps, Why are you so delicious? Probably because you are bad for me, right?

Dear iPad, I need some sort of app that will automatically make you turn off after I have looked at you for so long. Perhaps that will help me go to bed at a better time!! Perhaps this is already a feature you provide.

Dear Garage Sales, Please have some good stuff at reasonable prices today! Thanks!

Dear Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, I hope you are awesome! We are visiting you this weekend!

Dear Safety 1st, We love your products, especially your car seats! Your customer service was great, and I am super impressed by how fast our new car seat arrived considering it was shipped free! Can’t wait to put S in it!

Dear Reader, What do you think of my new blog layout?


Today I took S to the Stroller Strut program at the local DEC run woods! I had never been to this program before, but we have been to the woods. It is the same place where the goose hissed at us a few weeks back. This program was for kids 0-3 years old, so we fit in perfectly!

Anyhow, we had a lot of fun! There were 10-12 kids and their adults there, and we were led on a walk through the woods on one of the shorter paths. Along the way our guide would stop and show the kids interesting things like cottonwood fluff, soft leaved plants, mustard garlic that was super smelly, insects eating a morel mushroom, turtles sunning themselves, flowers, etc. She took the time to walk around to each kid with each thing so they could touch it or smell it or look at it themselves. It was a lot of stop and go walking, but it was a nice day and a mostly shady path so we stayed cool.

Of course my camera died while we were there, but I managed a few shots…

S looking into the woods, but holding onto his "Tree cookie", or basically a slice of tree to explore.

S looking into the woods, but holding onto his “Tree cookie”, or basically a slice of tree to explore.

S shaking the imaginary cottonwood off of his hat, mimicking me shaking real cottonwood off of his hat

S shaking the imaginary cottonwood off of his hat, mimicking me shaking real cottonwood off of his hat

Lily pond

Lily pond

Afterwards we went into their visitor’s center where they had a kids discovery area set up. They had all sorts of nature things to feel and explore, books, animal toys, etc. S loved it! He loved it a little too much and kind of pushed his way past other kids and moms to get to what he wanted faster! Oops! Now I know how the moms of the kids that did this to S at other programs a few months ago must have felt! No one seemed to mind though, and I just redirected him to look at other things.

I will be signing us up for next month’s program for sure!

Thursday Thoughts

Time for a Thursday Thoughts link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

I am pretty sure that Dr. Bailly makes the Scripps National Spelling Bee all the more fun to watch. I hope he is the official pronouncer for the Bee for many years to come! I also and reminded every year that he actually won the Bee in 1980. So fun!

I think I want to change the theme/layout or whatever you call it of my blog. I would prefer having the posts all listed on the side rather than the bottom. Why must WordPress be such a pain to customize? Or is it just me being silly and it is actually quite easy to do?

I am SO EXCITED to see my best friend on Sunday! She moved away almost exactly one year ago and I haven’t seen her since!! She and her boyfriend are staying overnight on Sunday so that will be fun times! Maybe we will play Apples to Apples or another fun game because they are game people! Horray!

I love the quote from The Mindy Project “Best friend isn’t a person, Danny. It’s a tier!” So true, yet so misunderstood.

How can people justify piercing a baby’s ears? I mean, really? Aren’t you afraid the baby will fall and rip their earring out, or choke on their earrings, or somehow fall and hurt themselves on the earring? Are girls not as prone to crashing into things as boys? Because if S were a girl and had pierced ears, we would have all sorts of problems with falls, scrapes, rips, etc. Yuck. The thought of an earring related injury gives me the heebie jeebies. It reminds me of a kid I met once who was four years old and had a pierced tongue. FOR SERIOUS, PEOPLE?!?! C’mon! I hold out hope that it was a clip on or magnetic tongue piercing, but I don’t think such products exist.

Our patio will be done today! Finally! Last night I had to deal with the contractor all by myself/with B on the phone. Contractor wanted to redo our walkway along the side of our garage that leads up to our patio, but B wants to leave it. I am up in the air about it, but I am mad about how people always try to get you to give them more money for things. Honestly, you should have looked at my property closer when you gave me the quote. I was kind of hoping B would be home to pay the contractor today, but the job is going to be done around 3PM and B will still be at work. It will be quite hard for me to part with our money, so I was really hoping B would be able to sign for it! It makes me extra nervous because I will pay for it before B even gets to look at it and OK it :-/If B wants to have other people come do work on the house, he needs to be their main contact, not me. My eyes glaze over when they try to explain all the technical stuff to me, and then I have to try to relay it to B? Yeah, right. I know a lot is lost in translation and the whole thing stresses me out!

In other news, I am taking S to a children’s program at the nature center today! I am really looking forward to it!! It will be our first time, so I hope it is fun! Maybe more on that later!

So What Wednesday

I’m linking up with Life after I Dew for So What Wednesdays!

So what if…

  • I am obsessively looking out of the window to see if our concrete dude is back to finish our patio. (He isn’t.)
  • I am excited to watch the American Baking Competition on TV tonight!
  • OMG I just remembered that the Scripps National Spelling Bee is on as I was typing about the Baking Competition!
  • I love watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee and playing along. Now I am hoping I didn’t miss too much of it!
  • I don’t feel like prepping our guest room yet. I still have a few days til it is needed :-p
  • I keep saying that it is time to switch out Little Man’s toys. I have been saying it so long that it is probably time to have brought back out the toys that have been out all along! Ha ha!

What are you saying “So What?!” to today?

Last Thursday I received an email from our contractor to let me know they would be here Tuesday (today) to begin our job! Huzzah! At last! Visions of family barbecues danced in my head!

Then we went to visit B’s parents for Memorial Day weekend, and when we arrived home yesterday, half of our deck was gone! What? Ha ha! Our contractor had decided to get an early start, and we arrived home in the middle of his work. He had taken the whole top of the deck out and gone to dump the wood someplace. Shortly after we arrived home he returned to finish tearing it out. On Memorial Day! Goodness! He said he would be back today with his whole crew to do the rest of the job and they would be able to finish it in one day. But it is pouring rain today, so I doubt they will be able to pour new concrete. They did arrive at 7:30 AM and they have been ripping out the old concrete ever since. Such a job, and I do not envy them, especially since they are working in the rain.

I took a few photos, and I will post more once it is done for sure!

Our old deck. Missing slats, uneven surface, exposed nails...a huge toddler hazard!

Our old deck. Missing slats, uneven surface, exposed nails…a huge toddler hazard!

All the stuff found hiding under the deck...old toys and chair cushions, dirt, a dead rabbit, old wood, broken glass, YUCK!

All the stuff found hiding under the deck…old toys and chair cushions, dirt, a dead rabbit, old wood, broken glass, YUCK!

After seeing all the junk under the deck, B was very thrilled with our decision to hire someone to remove the deck for us, rather than tear it down himself. I am (finally) inclined to agree with him!

I have been listening to sounds of sledgehammering, jack hammering and construction talk all morning, and I am super excited to finally see some progress on this! And I am thrilled that S is taking a nap despite all of the noise! Whoo-hoo!


The guys left, citing poor weather and threatening rain, so they will pour our concrete on the next nice day. Hopefully soon!!

Progress: Gravel down!

Progress: Gravel down!

There had been a deal a few weeks back on Plum District to try a Bluum box for $12 + $1 shipping, and I couldn’t resist signing up for it.

Bluum is a monthly subscription box service that delivers products for babies and mommies. Each month’s box has a theme based on how old your child is. This month we received the Lil’ Artiste box for Little Man.

Our box arrived in great condition! Everything inside was in good condition as well, except the stickers were slightly bent on the lower corner. Oh well.

First Look

First Look

The box was pretty packed! I had seen a spoiler from a few months ago, so I wasn’t very surprised with the contents, but that is okay! From what I can gather, bluum has themes for each month, and you get the box depending on your kid’s age. So, if your kid is a few months younger than mine, you’ll get this same box in a few months…I think!

Lil Artiste bluum box

Lil Artiste bluum box

IMG_3525 Crocodile Creek Plush Toy – Max ($9.99) Not really sure what this has to do with being an ‘Artiste’, but it seems to be the main item in this month’s box. It is a cute bunny stuffed animal that I haven’t taken out of the plastic packaging yet because I am not sure yet when we will give this to S. He has so many stuffed animals already, and he ignores them all. Ha ha! Keeping it safe in the plastic seems like a good choice for now, so we can keep it clean.

IMG_3520 Ella’s Kitchen – The Yellow One and Milk and Vanilla Baby cookies – ($1.79, $4.19 respectively) We received similar items in our Citrus Lane box last week, and we have not tried them yet. S is not very picky, so I am sure he will like these. I have seen them at Target, but never purchased them, so it will be fun to try them out as a treat!

IMG_3530 Alex Jr – Tots First Crayons ($4.49) These crayons are nice! They are a triangular shape that will be easy for S to hold on to. The challenge will be to keep him from eating them :-/ Crayons are non-toxic, by the way…that information will save you a call in to poison control. Ha, ha first time mommy problems!

IMG_3529 Alex – My Scribble Pad ($1.95) Something to use with the crayons, of course! We will be using this for sure! Perhaps we will make some Father’s Day drawings if S can handle the crayons!

IMG_3531 Carson Dellosa Publishing – Smile Fun Motivational Stickers ($2.29) S doesn’t have any experience with stickers, so it will be fun to see what he does with these. My mom would love these, as she really, really, really likes Smiley faces! If S can’t handle them now, I am sure he will like them in the near future.

IMG_3533 Pampers Kandoo – Foaming Hand Sanitizer ($1.99) PERFECT! I love hand sanitizers, so this will go right into my purse for when we are out and about! And it foams, so that will be fun for both me and S!

Bluum costs $24.95/month, and I came up with a total of $26.69 for this box using product websites and Amazon for prices. It isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t a ‘steal’. Considering that I got this box for about half price with my Plum District deal, I am pretty pleased. Oh–and the Max plush is usually $19.99, but it is listed as on sale for $9.99 so I went with that price. If you don’t do that, then you add an extra $10 to the value, making it $36.69 which makes this bluum box a much better deal! 🙂 And of course, you have to consider that shipping was not added into this figure, so the value just goes up from there.

Not sure if we will stick with this for another month. I was pretty impressed with how much stuff was inside the box, but I would like to see what the next month’s theme is before we agree to purchase it. Or I could just age S up to get a box we are more interested in!

*This post contains referral links. I will earn points toward future purchases if you sign up for Plum District or Bluum using my links. Thanks in advance!

*I was not compensated to provide this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Everyone is telling me that it is time to wean, but I really feel like it is my call. I am tired of being judged for doing what is natural and what I feel is right for me and my child. We aren’t going to be still nursing when he goes to Kindergarten, so relax.

That said, I feel like the time to wean is approaching and I have several questions to I need the answer to before we begin.

-What will I do in the middle of the night when S wakes up. Nursing is how I get him to calm down and go back to sleep. What do non-nursers do? How does this work? For real.

-How much whole milk does S need per feeding? I want to stop the daytime nursing sessions first, so for example, what should he get with his lunch?

-Our nighttime session will be the last to go. Will we replace it with milk right before bed, or should his milk be at dinnertime and water before bed? He usually has water at meals now with breast milk right when he wakes up, just before his AM nap, just after lunch, after his PM nap, and right before bed.

-Is he going to start getting sick all of the time once he is off of breast milk? He has been so healthy up til now.

-Am I going to miss it terribly? I feel like the only time S will sit still and cuddle is when he is nursing. Is he going to want to cuddle more when we don’t nurse any longer? Please say yes. It makes me tear up just thinking about not cuddling anymore.

My other concern is that my weight will increase significantly once we stop nursing. I’m not a skinny girl, but who wants to gain more weight?


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