We had really nice weather this past weekend, so we made sure to take full advantage of it! 


Saturday was the nicer of the two weekend days, and we had fun exploring a park that we had never been to. Actually it is more of a woods that is run and maintained by the DEC. It was gorgeous! Lots of trails through the woods, lots of ponds and little lakes, lots of wildlife. Little Man enjoyed riding in the baby carrier on his daddy’s back, as usual. He had a great time taking it all in, and kept pointing and things to check out. 🙂



After dinner on Saturday I suggested that we walk to the DQ and the playground to let Little Man have even more fun! It was a good idea in theory, but the playground was overrun with bigger kids, and since Little Man doesn’t like swings, there wasn’t a heck of a lot for him to do. We went down the slide a few times, and then he had a small tantrum when we wouldn’t let him play with a ball that other people had brought to the park. He is in that wonderful “Everything is mine” stage. We took our ice cream to go and enjoyed it at home. It was delicious. 

Sunday was a bit overcast, but still warm enough to be outside without a coat (YAY!) so we just took a walk on a bike path that runs along next to the train tracks. This was a huge plus for B, as he enjoys taking pictures of trains. Unfortunately none came by, but now he has a new spot to go when he is out trainspotting. Afterward, we let Little Man play on a nearby playground and then came home. 

B and I were laughing hysterically last night at Little Man. I had been describing to B how I speed walked through Target earlier to get some ground turkey for dinner. B then did a physical impression of me flailing through the store, and Little Man IMMEDIATELY picked it up and started mimicking B. So now they are both pretty much mocking me. Ha ha ha. Later, we took advantage of this newfound mimicking skill to teach Little Man “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. He can do everything except the knees part so far. I plan to keep working with him on this throughout the week. It would be neat if he were able to show this off at my parents’ Cinco de Mayo party this weekend!

Lastly, we decided on a contractor to rip out our old deck and concrete slab, and put down a new patio. Can’t wait until it is all done and we are enjoying our dinners outside! 

How was your weekend?