Today we went walking at a local park/nature center. I’d say hiking, but we really aren’t that adventurous.

I kept hearing rustling noises in the leaves, so I decided to stop and listen, assuming it was a cute chipmunk or frog who wanted to come play. There had been a sign saying that it was a good frog spotting place, so that would be cool, right? But no. It was a snake. I quickly stepped backwards, and then laughed at myself for being startled so easily.

Further along, we thought “Oh, there’s a nice bench to sit on! We can watch that goose swimming in the water and rest for a while.” B is ahead of me with Little Man in the baby carrier on his back. Suddenly I hear a hiss noise and B nearly trips over me because he is stepping backwards so quickly. We had been so distracted by the nice goose on the water that we neglected to notice the goose we almost walked right into. Little Man thought it was hilarious and kept signing for “More, more!”


And he got more, a few minutes later when B nearly stepped on a snake. Startling for us, hilarious for Little Man. “More, more!”

We are terrible outdoorsmen.