I thought I would link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts. Why not?

-Today I got my drivers license renewal in the mail from the DMV. I am glad to see that they mail these out, as I was afraid I would forget and then be driving around with an expired license and all sorts of terrible things would happen. I also forget that we pay for the right to drive a car. It just seems so much like nothing to hop in the car and go, but it really isn’t. I’m also thinking about all of the older female relatives and family friends that never drove, just depending on their own two feet or on their husband to drive. Such different times we live in.

-I wish there were more places we could walk to. There is a 7-11 and a Dairy Queen near us, but I have never really done much business with either place. Otherwise it is all houses nearby.

-I need to come up with new words to encourage Little Man to say. I have put in so many requests for “Mama”, and then asked for “Dada” once he says “Mama”, that now when I ask for “Mama”, he just says “Dada”. I am trying for “Hi” but he has never said that before, so maybe I need another choice.

-Project Runway’s season finale is tonight. I hope Michelle wins.

-I need to get my glasses adjusted. Little Man keeps ripping them off of my face, and that is not helping things one bit. I am kicking myself for walking right past Lenscrafters the last time I was in the mall without stopping in for one of their free adjustments.

-It is SUCH a nice day out. I will have to make sure we spend some time outside today.

-Little Man needs sandals. Or some other shoe he can wear without socks. Maybe I can get some at the mall and get my glasses adjusted too. That would be a Productive Outing.