Today I took Little Man to visit my grandmother at her nursing home. We have been bad and he hasn’t visited in a few months what with flu season and all. But now it is springtime (at least it is springtime every-other-day) so we jumped at the chance to visit while my mom was also visiting. 

First you need to know a few things:

1.) Little Man is only 16 months old, and he is just into the clingy stage.

2.) He doesn’t cry very much, he just screams when he is upset about having to take a nap or have a routine physical examination by a pediatrician. 

3.) Last time he saw my grandmother, he resisted being put on her lap for a picture because he was scared. 

I wish I had reviewed this list before today’s visit. But I am also glad I didn’t, because I am glad we went. 

My mom was with my grandmother in the lobby of the nursing home when we got there. The plan was go take a walk outside, and we arrived while coats were being put on, so it was perfect timing. We approached them. Little Man’s grip on me tightened. We greeted them. Little Man looked concerned. Then he froze. Then he scrunched up his face. Then he froze again. Then he further scrunched up his face (seriously, I did not know someone could scrunch their face this much). Then he started crying and wailing. I felt so horrible. My kid is afraid of my grandmother! I walked away for a minute to calm him down. We came back and began our walk. My mom had brought bubbles, so Little Man liked that. And he warmed up to my grandmother, so that was a relief! We were even able to get a photo or two of the three of us. I hope to get more photos in the coming months as we will be able to visit more often. 

I am glad we went and had a nice visit. My grandmother loved seeing him walk, pop bubbles, point at things, and be a curious little boy. I just cannot get over his initial reaction!