Last night Little Man invented a multi-player game. He has always liked listening to the sound made by yelling into a cup. In the past he has held the cup to his own mouth to yell into and the offered the same cup to another person, usually me, to yell into and then he claps in delight.

Last night he did his usual, but then held the cup up to his Daddy to yell into. I had to tell Daddy what Little Man wanted and then he obliged. Since we were all sitting on the floor, Little Man took the opportunity to turn this into a game using his stacking cups, of which there are eight. The game involved Little Man holding each of the eight cups up to Daddy’s for him to yell into. It was hilarious to watch him pick the cups up in order and hold them up to Daddy’s mouth. Less hilarious when it was my turn, as Little Man has taken to head butting me in the mouth lately, so I was hesitant to let him hold anything up to my sore face, but it was all fine in the end.

We must have looked ridiculous yelling into little plastic cups, but our kid liked it so whatever! I am sure we are in for a whole slew of toddler-invented games over the next few years. I can only imagine the hilariousness of the rules once he can talk.