We went to the playground again today, which means that I am inspired to write another playground post/rant.

1.) If you own a shirt that says “I’m a creep.” don’t wear it to the playground. Ever. I don’t care if you are there with a kid. That proves nothing to me and I will steer clear of you. 

2.) If you are going to bring your kids to the playground, don’t spend the whole time talking on your cell phone. Your kid was bugging me to watch her do all sorts of tricks on the playground equipment and I was busy trying to keep my much younger child from injuring himself. Watch your kid do tricks and take your calls later. 

3.) Teach your kid about personal space and about waiting her turn. Your kid, mentioned in #2 above, was all up in my kid’s face and even offered him a donut. He does not need your donut, and now he is mad because I said no. Also, your kid pushed mine out of the way so she could have another turn on the slide. He didn’t even want to go on the slide, and you just knocked a kid over. Good job. We are leaving now because of your kid. Thanks a lot.


No, the cell phone dad was not the same person wearing the I’m a creep shirt.