I said this blog would not be all about my kid, so here is a different kind of post.

The other day I was at Target. I like to park alongside of the building, in the “super secret” parking area. It isn’t so secret, but it feels cooler to call it that, so give it to me. On this occasion I parked in the spot right next to the pedestrian walk to cross to the other side of the lot. There is a little ramp here and you can walk on a sidewalk up to the front of the store. It irks me when people leave their shopping carts on this sidewalk because it makes it near impossible to get to the little ramp to get to your car if you are pushing a shopping cart of your own. There is literally a cart return across from this little sidewalk. What makes people think they are so special that they don’t have to return their carts?

I thought there was no way I could be more annoyed about this. Until I saw someone leave their cart in the middle of the ramp. Seriously? Now you are blocking people from the sidewalk AND the ramp! Think of people with their carts! Think of people trying to get the the sidewalk! Think of people with wheelchairs or walkers. Don’t be a jerk. Return your cart.