Can someone explain the rules for talking to other people’s children to me? It seems that by having a child I will now have to speak to other children. Children I do not know. I have always been hesitant talking to kids. You never know how the parent feels about who their kids talk to, or what words are bad to say in front of other people’s kids.

Today at the playground it was a little damp from yesterday’s rain. There were puddles on the slides. While another mother and I were talking about another cool playground that I should apparently check out, and her child used a slide with a HUGE puddle on it. He was soaked. She told him that that was why she had said no slides today, and my contribution was to tell her that Little Man and I had already dried off the slides over there with out butts so they should be safe to use. The look on the mother’s face was “You said ‘butt’! We don’t call it a ‘butt’! I hope my kid didn’t hear you say ‘butt’!” Oops. Have a nice day! Thanks for the playground tip.

Another reason it is hard to make friends as an adult…