I remember in my high school computer programming class that all of our first programs in various languages were very simple and just resulted in making the program display “Hello world.” This seemed like a lot of effort for very little reward. I mean, you had to type exponentially more things, including “Hello world.” in order to get the computer to display the text “Hello world.” This irritated me, yet I continued on to take AP Computer Science, or AP Comp Sci  as we called it, and to even declare a Computer Science major in college. This was a terrible idea, and I will forever have a D+ on my Permanent Record. I dropped the major half way through my third semester of college, and still laugh that my very last graded computer science work was a 10/10 when all of my previous grades had been terrible. It was like the universe was mocking me in that loving way that it has. In short, here is my first blog post. Hello world.

PS, I understand that this programming exercise was a way to learn the basics. I do not understand why it could not have been more interesting than “Hello world.” Why not “I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch today.” Or “I have a pet hamster.” Same lesson, same effort, but more creative and more interesting.