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We had really nice weather this past weekend, so we made sure to take full advantage of it! 


Saturday was the nicer of the two weekend days, and we had fun exploring a park that we had never been to. Actually it is more of a woods that is run and maintained by the DEC. It was gorgeous! Lots of trails through the woods, lots of ponds and little lakes, lots of wildlife. Little Man enjoyed riding in the baby carrier on his daddy’s back, as usual. He had a great time taking it all in, and kept pointing and things to check out. 🙂



After dinner on Saturday I suggested that we walk to the DQ and the playground to let Little Man have even more fun! It was a good idea in theory, but the playground was overrun with bigger kids, and since Little Man doesn’t like swings, there wasn’t a heck of a lot for him to do. We went down the slide a few times, and then he had a small tantrum when we wouldn’t let him play with a ball that other people had brought to the park. He is in that wonderful “Everything is mine” stage. We took our ice cream to go and enjoyed it at home. It was delicious. 

Sunday was a bit overcast, but still warm enough to be outside without a coat (YAY!) so we just took a walk on a bike path that runs along next to the train tracks. This was a huge plus for B, as he enjoys taking pictures of trains. Unfortunately none came by, but now he has a new spot to go when he is out trainspotting. Afterward, we let Little Man play on a nearby playground and then came home. 

B and I were laughing hysterically last night at Little Man. I had been describing to B how I speed walked through Target earlier to get some ground turkey for dinner. B then did a physical impression of me flailing through the store, and Little Man IMMEDIATELY picked it up and started mimicking B. So now they are both pretty much mocking me. Ha ha ha. Later, we took advantage of this newfound mimicking skill to teach Little Man “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. He can do everything except the knees part so far. I plan to keep working with him on this throughout the week. It would be neat if he were able to show this off at my parents’ Cinco de Mayo party this weekend!

Lastly, we decided on a contractor to rip out our old deck and concrete slab, and put down a new patio. Can’t wait until it is all done and we are enjoying our dinners outside! 

How was your weekend? 


Today we went walking at a local park/nature center. I’d say hiking, but we really aren’t that adventurous.

I kept hearing rustling noises in the leaves, so I decided to stop and listen, assuming it was a cute chipmunk or frog who wanted to come play. There had been a sign saying that it was a good frog spotting place, so that would be cool, right? But no. It was a snake. I quickly stepped backwards, and then laughed at myself for being startled so easily.

Further along, we thought “Oh, there’s a nice bench to sit on! We can watch that goose swimming in the water and rest for a while.” B is ahead of me with Little Man in the baby carrier on his back. Suddenly I hear a hiss noise and B nearly trips over me because he is stepping backwards so quickly. We had been so distracted by the nice goose on the water that we neglected to notice the goose we almost walked right into. Little Man thought it was hilarious and kept signing for “More, more!”


And he got more, a few minutes later when B nearly stepped on a snake. Startling for us, hilarious for Little Man. “More, more!”

We are terrible outdoorsmen.

I am having a hard time getting going today. It is also laundry day. Why I chose Friday to be laundry day each week is beyond me. It seems like we should be doing cool things on Fridays, and instead we are stuck at home waiting on the dryer to finish its cycle. Can’t stop it, or else the clothes with wrinkle and/or be forgotten about, and can’t leave the house with it running because it could catch fire or something like that.

Because the dryer can sense when you aren’t home and it waits until then to combust. 

I just took an online survey, and I was amazed by the first question. Instead of “Gender: Male/Female” it read “I identify as…Male/Female/Other”. I think that is so awesome and shows a step towards progress in this country!

I thought I would link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts. Why not?

-Today I got my drivers license renewal in the mail from the DMV. I am glad to see that they mail these out, as I was afraid I would forget and then be driving around with an expired license and all sorts of terrible things would happen. I also forget that we pay for the right to drive a car. It just seems so much like nothing to hop in the car and go, but it really isn’t. I’m also thinking about all of the older female relatives and family friends that never drove, just depending on their own two feet or on their husband to drive. Such different times we live in.

-I wish there were more places we could walk to. There is a 7-11 and a Dairy Queen near us, but I have never really done much business with either place. Otherwise it is all houses nearby.

-I need to come up with new words to encourage Little Man to say. I have put in so many requests for “Mama”, and then asked for “Dada” once he says “Mama”, that now when I ask for “Mama”, he just says “Dada”. I am trying for “Hi” but he has never said that before, so maybe I need another choice.

-Project Runway’s season finale is tonight. I hope Michelle wins.

-I need to get my glasses adjusted. Little Man keeps ripping them off of my face, and that is not helping things one bit. I am kicking myself for walking right past Lenscrafters the last time I was in the mall without stopping in for one of their free adjustments.

-It is SUCH a nice day out. I will have to make sure we spend some time outside today.

-Little Man needs sandals. Or some other shoe he can wear without socks. Maybe I can get some at the mall and get my glasses adjusted too. That would be a Productive Outing.


Our April Citrus Lane box came a few days late, so I had plenty of time to read spoilers of boxes online. I was pretty sure we were going to end up with different products that I wasn’t too excited about, so I did not open this months box with much enthusiasm when it finally did arrive. That said, spoilers are not your friend! I was totally wrong about what was going to be inside our box, and I was THRILLED to be wrong! I love everything about this month’s box!

And everyone was up in arms about receiving a late box this month. I am just glad it came. It was only two days past the latest date in the expected delivery date range, and the cardboard box itself came in near perfect condition! I’d say that the new shipping partner did a great job of keeping this box in excellent condition.

If you aren’t familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box service geared toward kids ages 0-5. The items you receive are specifically selected for your child’s gender and age group. It costs $25/month, but if you sign up through my link here you will receive $10 off your first month! (And I will receive $10 off my next box too. So, thanks in advance if you click and order!)

Little Man is 16 months old, so he received the 17 month boy box this month. Here is what was inside:


Friendly Fish Grasping Toy from Melissa & Doug, $7.99

I was very excited to see this item in our box this month! An age appropriate toy that we can use right away! Score! Little Man likes it too. He has been carrying it around all day, and he even gave it a hug. I like how sturdy it is and that it is small enough to toss into the baby bag for on-the-go play.

Keepin’ Fresh Kids Food Storage from Innobaby, $7.99

These are great containers that are airtight. They are also freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe and BPA free. Delightful! Little Man has been playing with them, but they will be great to use for travel snack containers as well. I was a bit thrown because one of them was pink, but Little Man doesn’t care and the container works just as well if it is pink or blue.

Non-Slip Placemat from Oogaa, 8.99

I love the idea of this placemat! Older kids can keep themselves occupied by doodling on it with washable markers in between courses. It is a cute design and it will be nice to take with us when we eat out. It is made of silicone, so it is supposed to grip the table really well.

Shampoo & Body Wash from The Honest Company, $9.95

I have heard a lot about this company, so I am excited to give this a try. It smells great, and it says that the whole family can use it. We don’t go out of our way to use organic products that often, but this will be a nice treat. I love that we received a full-size item.

Altogether, $34.92 worth of products for $25. Not a bad deal. Like I said, I was pleasantly surprised this month with Citrus Lane. Keep it up guys!

Check out my past reviews of Citrus Lane Boxes: February 2013, March 2013.

If you’d like to sign up for a Citrus Lane subscription of your own, click here and you will receive $10 off your first box!

*All opinions are my own. I was not compensated to provide this review.

If you aren’t familiar with Citrus Lane, it is a monthly subscription box service geared toward kids ages 0-5. The items you receive are specifically selected for your child’s gender and age group. It costs $25/month, but if you sign up through my link here you will receive $10 off your first month! (And I will receive $10 off my next box too. So, thanks in advance if you click and order!)

I have mixed feelings about the March Citrus Lane box that we received, but overall I was pretty impressed. Little Man turned 15 months old in March, and so he received the 16 month old boy March box. Here is what was inside:


Slumber Friends Plush Pillow from Cloud B, $21.95

This is a great product! I love how it smells like lavender and how it can be both a pillow and a stuffed animal. Little Man didn’t show very much interest in this, but he has given it a few hugs now and then. He had better start liking it soon or Mommy might steal it for herself! This was by far the best item in the box, and what mad this month’s box worthwhile for us.

Puzzle Wheel from Mudpuppy, $9.99

This will be a nice toy to play with once Little Man stops putting everything in his mouth. He would melt the cardboard pieces away if I let him play with it now. So, it is safely tucked away downstairs in my gift pile and will probably make its way into his birthday or Christmas gifts.

Jungle Tattoos from Wee Gallery, $5.00

This is an absolute miss for us. I don’t understand giving a baby a temporary tattoo. Maybe he will be allowed to have these when he is eleven years old, if they last that long.

NurturMe food packets, ~$2.00

I love the idea of this product. They are dried fruits and veggies to mix into your kid’s food. I haven’t used these yet, but I am excited to try mixing one into our next batch of mac & cheese. We received one squash packet and one apple packet.

$20 coupon code from JustFab

Another miss. To use this you have to purchase shoes costing $39.95, and I have no plans to do so. This just isn’t my thing.

All in all, $38.90 total, for a $25 box. This doesn’t include the $20 Just Fab coupon in the price total.

Not bad. I like the Cloud B pillow, and the puzzle will be nice in a few months.

Check out my review of the February 2013 box.

If you’d like to sign up for a Citrus Lane subscription of your own, click here and you will receive $10 off your first box!

*All opinions are my own. I was not compensated to provide this review.

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